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To connect audiences with filmmakers in order to expand the visibility and viability of film in Texas and to entertain and enlighten audiences about the amazing talent of Texas filmmakers, comedians, and all the entertainment arts.


The Show! is a night of entertainment . It’s a place for filmmakers to Show their work and Tell others how they did it and what they plan to do next. It’s a place for comedians to show filmmakers what they can do , and entertain audiences all at the same time.

We screen shorts and showcase comedians in our The Show! event at Stateside at the Paramount, and we screen feature films at our The Show! Presents series, connecting filmmakers to great venues here in Austin TX and working as the promoter to get them to their specific audience.

Ben Snyder – Executive Director

Since forming Subcreations Productions in 2003, owner Ben Snyder has successfully produced five films with the company, two of which have been official selections for film festivals worldwide. He graduated with a BA in English from Campbell University in NC, and obtained his MFA at Hollins University in Screenwriting and Film Studies and currently works for Ashford University online in Introduction to Film. The hit webseries, “Bleed” has received critical acclaim and international viewership. Snyder founded The Show! in 2011 as a way for Austin Filmmakers and Comedians to show their work to others in the community in front of a live audience. View Ben’s IMDB ResumeView Recent Clips.



Val Gameiro 

Ideal Scene Productions is an Austin-based production company, specializing in photography, filmmaking, writing, and film scoring. The company was formed in 2009, in the teeth of a failing economy, with the intent on helping people get their message out to the world in an aesthetic way. It is the brain-child of co-writer/director team of Val Gameiro and Rita Quinn. Recent productions include his first Feature Film, “Amnesia”.






chris Becca Richard joe v
  Michael Jastroch – Comedy Programming 

We have partnered with Owner and Founder of Coldtowne Theater and producer on Austin’s Out of Bounds film Festival to brings some of the best Stand up and Improv Austin has to offer to The Show! Austin!

The Show! is a Show and Tell for Austin Filmmakers and as a filmmaker it is a great place to meet other filmmakers and see their work first hand as Filmmakers are ALWAYS IN ATTENDANCE. Not only do you meet talented Producers and Indie Directors, but also the best actors and actresses you can watch first hand and CAST in your next movie!
So many times at meet up groups, you meet other Producers but only have a hand shake and a business card to tell you who they are. At The Show! you can see talent first hand and JUDGE FOR YOURSELF. Film festivals in Austin only happen about twice a year, giving filmmakers very limited exposure to what Austin has to offer, but The Show! give filmmakers a chance once a month to meet NEW talent.



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